Management Consulting

Developing and implementing a systematic strategic planning process has several benefits.  It can help facilitate enterprise-wide change, train mangers to think and plan ahead, enable leadership to act rather than react and increase the organization’s chances of success.

While most company leaders recognize the value of defining their competitive position in the market and developing a strategic plan, some may overlook the importance of effectively implementing the plan.  Seeking a solution is critical to getting your business back on track.  We design our solutions to complement and enhance what you previously had in place and build what you’ve already established.

We can provide the following services to help you create extraordinary value for your business and your life:

•    Start-up Company Planning & Formations
•    Compensation & Benefit Plans
•    Entity Restructuring
•    Financial Consulting
•    Strategic Management Consulting
•    Succession Planning
•    Transferring Ownership
•    Buy/Sell Agreements
•    Valuation Services
•    Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation
•    Financing Assistance

When you work with Sattler & Company, we become your partners in growing your business and increasing your profitability.  As your accountants, we are already familiar with the structure and finances of your company.  Building on this knowledge, our team brings and array of business and strategic management experience in finance and organizational development to help you get to the next level.


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